My Top Make up Essentials

by - Saturday, June 25, 2016

Most of us, as little girls, would probably remember playing with mommy's make up. As for me, at an early age I was fascinated with the concept of make up for its sorcery. I mean who wouldn't, In a matter of minutes you see yourself being beautified by some sort of witch with her magical hands, wand, and pots. I actually started to like, buy "real" make up on my freshman year of highschool. So take note, it's buying, not actually wearing to school since that is kinda illegal for people at high school *insert kids who get shocked because someone wore makeup to school*

So as years passed, my collection kinda started growing and I actually love reading beauty blogs just so I could know if the products l'm interested in are any good. So since I go home from Manila to Bulacan on fridays and weekends, I need to to bring home the important stuffs only. So let's get on to my list

# 1 - Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

It's so worth the money and a life saver. Foundation getting too light? Powder this baby on sheer and problem solved. Need those cheek bones and jaw line popping? Well obviously this is still the answer. I probably love this to death not only for its quality and "known" cocoa scent but also for its gorgeous packaging. I mean its gold? Is there something that i would want more?

# 2 - Revlon Colorstay Foundation (Oily/Combination)

Bb creams, foundations, and the likes are a must for me since that my skin is really dull, pale, and uneven (it's actually at the top of my insecurity list). So i need something that can brighten my skin and make it look even without being cakey. I've actually read a lot about this and I can say that it does the job done. It has medium coverage that can be built to medium heavy, and it takes a good 4-5 hours before I need an oil control sheet, it doesnt transfer to clothes which is very important since that our daily uniform is white. But do take note that I am extremely oily so its performance might be better for you.

# 3 - Nyx Tinted Brow Mascara

A versatile product which I can use both on days when I'm too lazy and days when I need to somehow prettify myself. It tames my brow and adds a subtle tint when I use it on its own. But for days when I use a brow pencil, I still reach for this to set my brows on place (it gives me secrurity, plus points?)

# 4 - Etude House Drawing Brow Duo

A great product. I mean how can a brow pencil be so bad? I expected that this comes with the usual spoolie at the end but it surprised me that it comes with a brow powder which can be used to set the brows or maybe used on its own? I haven't tried the latter option but I probably wont recomment that option either. Love that this comes with a lot of product in it and the shape of the tip is great for getting those brows on fleek

# 5 - Maybelline Cheeky Glow in Fresh Coral

I'm not really much of a blush person, I just want a blush that does its job, which is to prevent me from looking like a zombie in the making. It gives a nice rosy glow and its matte. I'm not quite sure with its lasting power but it's great if you just want a blush without all the fuss

So that's whats in my top 5. I'm thinking of getting a new blush thats a little bit on the higher end side, so if you actually know a great nude blush then comment it down below. Now tell me, what's on the top 5 of your beauty essentials, comment them down below too. Watch out for an upcoming sequel post of my essentials, and my travel photo diary. I am kinda in a period right now at school where in day 3 feels like week 3. So after the dust has settled, I may be able to post again

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