A new companion: Fujifilm X-A2

by - Sunday, June 05, 2016

Before anything else, how 'bout a riddle for you to guess? A silent companion that can go with me everywhere, won't complain where I go, and will remember every beautiful moment that will set its eyes upon.

A camera, well you probably had the idea just by reading the title. So on to the story, I needed something small and compact but packs a punch. I find bringing a DSLR to random places a bit too hassle, and since that Fujifilm has been garnering a lot of attention I decided to do a research regarding their models.  (Disclaimer: I was not paid create this post)

Initially, I wanted the X-30 for its remote wifi capability, but since it's an old model it was no longer available. Then tada! I settled in for the X-A2. I gave it quite a test on our cruise trip (post coming soon) and so far, I was really satisfied with it's performance. The only thing that i didn't quite like is that it lacks a viewfinder, other than that it's all good. I recommend this model if you're a newbie that just want a nice camera that wont break the bank, or you just want a small camera to interchange usage with a DSLR.

So to sum it all up,
Pros: newbie friendly, small, affordable, wifi transfer, articulating screen
Cons: lacks viewfinder

The package also comes with the following:
Camera body, lens, lens cap, lens hood, camera strap, battery charger, and usb cable

By the way, I bought this camera at Gadget Hub Caloocan for P22,000, just in case you wanna know. For their services I would probably rate it a good 7.5 since they reply really fast but there were delays with the shipping and had to wait for quite a while. So I recommend that store if you want to buy Gadgets online since mall prices are higher but you have to be patient in waiting.

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