What it's like being in college: Tips, Rants, and Experiences

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

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It's been month since I last posted. It was just like yesterday when everyone was like almost too giddy to start college. New people, new friends, new environment, new everything. Of course, I had a lot of expectations as a freshman but things don't always turn out the way you want them to be. Well, is it like for me?

  • Okay, the people in college are really diverese. Kinda obvious, but like REEEEAAALLY. Not all are nice. You won't like everyone. It's kinda like high school but with more bitches. Shout out to those people who walk real slow for 7 am classes. Seriously speaking, some may be nice to you on your first few days, months, or maybe even years. So brush off toxic people as much as you can.
  • Some classes will be hell for you. No further explanation.
  • No way out of those classes. Fail or die situation. "Why not take that course in another time" Well no, we can't. University of Santo Tomas decides what courses should you take for the semester, unless you're an irregular student(?)
  • You will lose sleep. Sometimes it will be worth it. More often, it wont. So get some rest if you think that you're hopeless. Don't waste time trying to understand something when you cant even understand what you dont understand
  • Knowing your weaknesses helps. Have someone beside you to counteract those weaknesses. Bad at math? Go get that math wiz and buy him a donut.
  • There will always be someone better than you. Don't let it get to you. It probably wont matter in the future
  • They say that grades dont define a person. What the heck. In our faculty (Shout out to College of Nursing!) at the end of the semester, if we do not get a GWA (General Weighted Average) of 2.0 (numerical value of 87) then we better find a new university to cater for us. How ironic can that be? Though its true that grades do not define a person, but dont make that an excuse.
  • Getting all the help you need is the best way, next to cheating of course. Kidding.
  • Find out what works best for your learning style. Like group or lone study sessions, or maybe even youtube study sessions (just dont stray away from your topic)
  • Stay away from dark streets when it's night time. You never know what's lurking in there.
  • A taser will be ALWAYS useful. Thiefs? Beggars? Annoying classmates? Professors? Go crazy.
  • Terror profs? They'll help you much more than you could possibly think of. Think of them as nasty ghoul-bots that are being controlled by a taco. A taco with abs!
  • Treating yourself once in a while (5 time in a week) helps a lot.

As for most of what I have learned, they are lessons for me to improve myself. College isn't such a bad place (even though we die several times a week). Learn to enjoy the moment. Worry later (yes worry later about your paper that needs to be passed tomorrow morning at 7 am, yep) 

Surounding yourself with great people and cutting off toxic bitches makes everything better. Being nice to people is even better. Make good relationships with everyone unless they give you a reason not to. Though graduating, having a job, a creating a life is what we aim for. Do not live your life in the future. Enjoy where you are right now because one day you'll wake up and instantaneously, you have 5 kids screaming and poop on your carpet made by your corgi. Exciting.

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