DIY: Faux Marble Dish

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

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Flashback to my newbie days of painting. I stuggled so much with cleaning my brushes that I have soiled a few pieces in our bathroom. Including a beautiful capiz or windowpane dish with gold trimmings. I few more weeks and i'll be moving in manila because college is about to start. I decided revamp this, so that i could bring it to manila.

The smaller dish is an example on how it looked like before revamped it (except for a huge paint stain in the middle). I used acrylic paint for this project, particularly the brand from Reeves. 

Step 1:
I diluted the colors titanium white and yellow ocher. Dont dilute it too much unless your panting on a flat surface, because your paint will drip.

Step 2: 
Paint the whole surface in white, make it thick but not too thick. Add splotches of the yellow ocher where you wish to have the marble effect.

Step 3:
Blend it together to achieve the effect. If ever your brush leaves markings or scrapes of the paint just add tiny drops of water.

 photo 0C43DED0-344B-449E-B995-50200E082BBA_zpsusatj6nm.jpg

That's how easy it is. You can try it on with anything.

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  1. the result of diy is so beautiful! elegant and look easy to follow. i definitely would make it too :)